There’s never a good time to find a leak in your furnace, but if it happens to you, it’s important to be informed.
You should be getting ready for the KVR Sorcery Express or Kelowna’s Horror Filmfest and not worrying. But if you’ve noticed a leak here’s some tips from our experts!

What Your Furnace Leak Means

  1. Your furnace is part of your home’s air quality system. Filters, humidifiers, efficient duct systems…they ensure you and your family are breathing safely. The most significant leak to prevent is a carbon monoxide leak. Invest in a carbon monoxide monitor today. Here’s what to look for!
  2. Furnace leaks are often water related. Surprisingly, water leaks can affect your home or business’ air quality. Left too long, water leaks can lead to mold growth, especially in a humid basement. Once mold is active in your home, your air quality can degrade and your family’s health may be compromised. Call us to look at any liquids leaking from your furnace.
  3. A furnace that’s leaking water could turn into an emergency service call. If you discover a leak and don’t know what’s causing it, err on the safe side. Shut down the furnace immediately and call our knowledgeable HVAC technicians. Do not try to fix your furnace yourself. Shutting down your furnace is quite simple. Just turn off the power in your breaker panel. Clean up any standing water. Ventilate the room. Add fans to dry out excessive moisture.
  4. Sometimes water is simply condensation caused by the burning of natural gas or oil in a furnace. However, you still need an HVAC technician to diagnose why this might be occurring. Condensation is typically noticed at the base of your furnace unit.
  5. Anything from a clogged filter to a damaged temperature control drainage pipe can lead to a furnace leak. If airflow is restricted, or water can’t be drained effectively, a furnace can exhibit leakage as a symptom. You’ll need an HVAC technician to locate the problem and fix it quickly.
Water Flood And Pipe Leak

Have Your Furnace Checked Annually

Now is the time to schedule a furnace check-up with GPH. Call the kind and skilled HVAC specialists at GPH Mechanical in Summerland to schedule a leak checkup or annual maintenance service today.