It’s a question we’re asked often. When should inspections and service of any type of heating or cooling equipment be done? The answer is easy: at least once a year.

That applies to every part of your HVAC system, because it combines heating and air conditioning as well as ventilation. Oil-fired heating systems especially need to be checked over and have any service needs looked after, particularly with our Okanagan cooler nights upon us.

Annual servicing includes cleaning the system and checking for any problems. Avoid the inconvenience – which you just know are going to happen at the worst times – at night or on the weekend or during a party! Other benefits to scheduling this service with us – other than the all-important piece of mind that goes with it – is keeping your HVAC equipment running at peak efficiency. This may help you see lower energy bills, avoid costly repairs, and there’s the added bonus of helping the environment.

DIY Tips

One thing you can do at any time before the winter (especially after our smoky Okanagan summer!) is check the air filter in your furnace. It is usually visible in a slot approximately 60 cm high right on the front. The filter is meant to be pulled out and inspected every 3 months. A dirty filter can impact air flow and of course, air purity. Replace it if it looks dark! Your GPH Mechanical professional can also replace this during his/her visit. Simply doing this quick task can have an incredible impact in the overall operation of your furnace’s heating element.

Qualified technicians are critical

While the air filter is important, there are other key components of servicing HVAC systems that should only be done by one of our highly qualified and experienced technicians. Think about impacting the health of your family – a thorough cleaning minimizes debris in the unit and improves air flow – which means a reduction in the number of contaminants and particles entering your air ducts and recirculating throughout the system.

And speaking of air ducts, when was the last time yours were cleaned? It’s through those metal tubes that snake through your walls and floors that heated or cooled air travels and makes indoor life comfortable. At G.P.H. Mechanical we can look after all of your servicing needs and make sure all is in good working order. Give us a call!