You’ve heard about supply chain and logistics challenges recently, but how are things going here in the sunny Okanagan Valley?
We are asking ourselves here at GPH Mechanical how our suppliers’ industry has been coping with COVID-19 related challenges. We have the information and tips for keeping business in the Okanagan flowing!

Our Dependence on Refrigeration

Refrigeration is an integral part of every business and home. We all rely on cooling technology every day. New appliances and parts have been highly affected by COVID-19 staffing issues across the globe.
We’ve only had refrigeration on demand for 150 years or so. Most of our great-grandparents grew up in a house without an electric fridge. After a long run of ice boxes, electrical appliances began the revolution in cold storage.

What Happens When Refrigeration Fails?

Think about that time when your home fridge or freezer quit. Did you notice? When we had soaring temperatures in the Okanagan last June, we worried if our fridges could keep up. Did you end up cooking up a lot of meat or giving away your stores of frozen fruit?!
Experts name refrigeration as essential to a community’s “food security.” We rely on it to feed ourselves and our family. The milk we need for our coffee passes through a long, refrigerated supply chain before it arrives at its last stop in our home or office fridge.

Weathering the Storm

Maintenance is the first step. We recommend regularly scheduled maintenance visits to avoid downtime and protect your business. Throughout our food distribution system and hospitality industry, refrigeration needs to run with optimal efficiency and precise temperatures. Next, ask us for a review of your current equipment. We will provide a free estimate and advise on delivery times for specific models. We will help you budget through financing options.
We provide excellent HVAC services throughout the Okanagan Valley from our headquarters in Summerland. Quick turnaround on maintenance of refrigeration equipment is our mission. Don’t wait until a breakdown! Call us today regarding your business’s refrigerator or freezer maintenance and upgrade/replacement needs.