Did you know that ductless systems can offer greatly superior efficiency for heating and cooling your home? We have talked about the many benefits associated with ductless systems in other blogs, and the energy-saving potential that they offer is absolutely one that you should consider. To this end, today, we’ll look at a few of the reasons why ductless systems offer superior efficiency to help you decide if they could be a valuable option for your home!
It is estimated that traditional heating/cooling ducts can waste potentially up to 30% of the energy consumed by your HVAC system. This can mean substantial operating costs for your home. What’s more, ductless systems can be more efficient in directing specific temperatures to individual rooms.
Although choosing ductless systems may seem to be more expensive than some traditional furnaces, a professional technician can advise you on the potential cost savings for your energy bills.
mini-split air conditioning unit
If you want to find out more about the benefits that ductless systems can offer, get in touch with a member of the GPH Mechanical team today. We will help you learn about the ideal solutions for your energy needs!