Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) companies sell and service a variety of appliances – think of these as your indoor weather managers. No longer do you need to fuss over your home’s handling of the topsy-turvy weather in the Okanagan. Consider 2 appliances of note – the electric air handler and the ductless air conditioner.
An air handler is literally what it means! It regulates the airflow and ventilation in your home. This technology neither has a burner nor uses natural gas or propane as its source. Often mistaken for an air conditioner, an air handler sits inside the house.
A ductless system, as you would have guessed, does not require any ductwork to cool your home. Ductless systems are mini-split systems that use one outdoor condensing unit and one or more indoor ones. The outdoor and indoor units connect through refrigerant lines.
Getting to know the Differences

Electric Air Handlers

  • Evaporating coil – The coil works by expanding or contracting as per the humidity. During the winter, the coil contracts as it helps get rid of the cooler air indoors; that is, cool air passes over the coil as it exits outwards.
  • Blower Motor – The motor redirects outside air to the connected ductwork throughout your living space.
  • Filter – The filter helps minimize the circulation of particulates into your home.

Ductless System

  • Indoor and Outdoor units – The ductless system requires an outdoor and at least one indoor unit to cool a room. Households may use two to three indoor units in various rooms as needed i.e. In a garage or loft bedroom.
  • Refrigerant lines – The lines absorb the heat from your living spaces and radiate it outdoors.
  • The Outdoor unit – It contains a compressor, a condenser coil, and a large fan. The fan blows over the coil, the refrigerant gets condensed into liquid form, and the fan evaporates the heat.

What is common between an electric air handler and a ductless system?

Both can serve as heaters and coolers. Both are energy efficient. They are equally ideal for tiny or large homes, thanks to their lightness and portability.

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