When the snow hits Summerland and you want to be heading up to Sovereign Lake for a glorious sunny X-ski outing begins, we can help make sure your home will be cosy when you return. Your furnace needs to be operating with safety and efficiency in mind. Lowering your heating bill is important, but have you thought about fire safety?
In 2014, there were over 12,000 residential fires across Canada according to Statistics Canada. While an HVAC fire can be very rare, as a home or business owner, knowing what is adequate preparation and any maintenance requirements are key for avoiding a fire before it starts.

What Does Smokey Say?

GPH Mechanical knows its way around commercial and residential furnace and hot water systems. We’ve seen it all and want to help you with some important fire prevention tips this fall!
Tip #1 Eliminating maintenance visits can add to the risk your equipment breaks down and adds to your fire risk. Warning signs obvious to a licensed technician might be overlooked by a property owner. Some insurers void coverage if routine equipment inspection and maintenance is neglected.
Tip #2 Clutter around furnace areas and other related equipment (such as hot water tanks, boilers, and fireplaces) contributes to fire danger. A routine fall assessment visit from your maintenance technician creates a natural incentive to keep important areas clear of debris.
Tip #3 Property fires are often the result of faulty wiring or electrical issues. Property owners should not be assessing the stability of their electrical systems. Only an expert with proper training can comment on whether seasonal wear has surfaced that could lead to fire ignition later.
Tip #4 Occupant safety training is essential to have in place. Prevent a fire from starting by ensuring your building’s occupants- or your family no matter what age – understand the risks. Employees can help to mitigate danger, and should know what to do if something goes wrong. Whether it’s your children at home, or your staff on work premises, it is essential for everyone to be aware of safety equipment and an escape plan.
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