Home energy monitors are devices that provide real-time information about your electricity consumption. These devices typically connect to the electricity meter in your home and show you the latest data on your energy usage and costs. By analyzing how much electricity usage in kilowatts, as well as dollars and cents, home energy monitors give you a comprehensive view of your electricity consumption on any internet connected device. This is a great way for you to take proactive steps toward reducing your electric bills!
The two current models available for BC Hydro customers are manufactured and sold by Rainforest Automation, a B.C.-based company. Please note: Check the Rainforest Automation website link above for updates on available models in stock.

What Are The Benefits?

Many home energy monitors offer the convenience of displaying the usage on a home computer or mobile phone. The mobile application means you can see your usage right on a smartphone or tablet even when you are away from home. These monitors also provide feedback on ways to reduce consumption.
Another great feature is they can be programmed to turn off certain appliances during peak periods of energy demand. This helps minimize peak demand on the BC power grid which can result in cheaper electricity bills for everyone.
Lastly, installing a HEM allows you to make better decisions about your energy consumption by providing insight into what appliances and activities are consuming the most power, allowing you to make changes accordingly. For instance, seeing how much power a single appliance uses might prompt you to switch out an older model for a newer one with an improved Energy Star rating—saving money in both upfront costs and long-term usage costs.
  1. Rainforest EAGLE-200™ Energy Gateway
  2. Rainforest EMU-2™ Energy Monitoring Unit

Why Not Consider a Home Energy Monitor For Your Home?

The team at GPH Mechanical encourage you to think about HEMs: they are becoming increasingly popular in the Okanagan for good reason; they offer significant benefits if you’re looking to save on your electricity bills without sacrificing comfort or convenience. If your HVAC system is not very energy efficient, you will see it on your monitor. Give us a call to discuss replacement options for your AC, furnace or ductless heat pump!
From tracking your home’s energy usage in real-time, making adjustments during peak demand hours, or switching out inefficient appliances – HEMs offer an easy way to gain control over your appliances’ electricity consumption while reducing costs at the same time.
If you’re looking for ways to cut back on your electricity bill while keeping your home comfortable and convenient – consider installing a home energy monitor!
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