When people think of air quality we often think about outdoor pollution, smoke, and car exhaust, and how much we appreciate fresh and clean air. Consider the effects of factory smokestacks, bush burning and so on. We rarely consider – how clean is the air in our home and offices?
This is not ideal given how much time we spend indoors. The average person spends 87% of their lives inside buildings and so it’s worthwhile checking the air we breathe indoors.
Things that can pollute indoors include forced air blowing dust, contaminants brought in by your pets (like dead mice), mold and mildew, and more. These can affect one’s respiration and may even damage the lungs if not addressed. No need to panic however. It is easy to ensure that your air is clean and safe. Just follow the tips below:

1. Your Air Ducts. Inspect Them Periodically

Air ducts distribute air throughout the house or office building, both hot and cold. They are important because they help maintain a comfortable climate inside the rooms. But air ducts can also distribute other things too if they are not maintained. If dust or mold in the basement gathers in the ducts, these can be distributed all over the building. Inspect your air ducts to make sure that they are circulating clean air.

2. Check Your Air Filters

Air filters are there to keep pollutants out of your furnace. While air circulates, the air filters keep it clean. But when the filters are filled, they stop filtering. Common air filters around the home include A/C filters, floor vents in rooms, filters in common household appliances like the clothes dryer and vacuum cleaner, and one in your furnace. Check them to ensure they are not clogged with dirt and dust and change them periodically.

3. Make Sure Your Carpets and Rugs Are Clean

Rugs and carpets are not just cushions for your feet. They also help in keeping the air clean by trapping dust and small debris. Their fibres act as rudimentary air filters. But when the dust is too much, it can get kicked up by people walking around, and it can add to the pollutants in your house. Clean your rugs and carpets regularly to help make your air cleaner.


Time for a Maintenance Checkup?

At GPH Mechanical, we know how to make your air cleaner. We can even clean the vents in your gas stove! Schedule your annual furnace checkup with – we are licensed, and we are happy to quote on products manufactured by well-established companies, and backed up by valuable warranty programs. Let our HVAC-R specialists, with over 10 years of experience, help you determine the best solutions for your home, housing development, or place of business. Give us a call!