Commercial HVAC installations are complex projects that require a combination of skills and expertise. While most HVAC installations go smoothly, there are instances where drilling large diameter holes in concrete becomes necessary. This is where concrete coring comes into the picture.
With over a decade of experience in commercial HVAC installation and service in the South Okanagan, the team at GPH Mechanical thought it would be helpful to share some insights on the concrete coring and cutting process and how it can help in commercial HVAC installations.

What is Concrete Core Drilling?

When we need to cut large holes in concrete, we use a concrete coring drill specifically designed for the job. The drill is equipped with a diamond cutting end attached to a diamond-tipped core barrel to cut through the concrete. This drill uses a hydraulic or electric motor that spins the core barrel at high speed. This creates a cylindrical hole in the concrete that can be used for various purposes, including supports for HVAC equipment, pipes, etc.

How GPH Mechanical Incorporates Concrete Coring Into Commercial HVAC Installations

At GPH Mechanical, when we quote on an installation we can estimate the cost for concrete coring services as required. We work closely with sub-contractors who use the specialized diamond bits and drills necessary to ensure the quality, precision, and accuracy needed for drilling holes through concrete walls and slabs. We are the main contractor overseeing the job, and this saves you time and money. Concrete coring is often the best solution. It can be done by experts with accuracy, while minimizing any damage. You don’t need to invest in these drills – we will provide them onsite as needed.

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At GPH Mechanical, we understand the importance of providing our commercial clients with the most viable solutions for HVAC installations. Financing options are available on new equipment. Contact us today and let us help you with your next commercial HVAC installation project.