This summer was great, but cold weather is around the corner. Early fall is the ideal time to make sure your HVAC equipment is running optimally.
Winterization of the cottage, ensuring your home’s new heat pump transitions from cooling to warmth, or maintaining an industrial building — you need to consider your equipment’s preparation for upcoming temperature changes.

Air Conditioning During the Fall

If you have a commercial building, finding the perfect temperature for your employees – through ever-changing weather – may be a daily challenge. Our team of HVAC experts at GPH can advise whether an economizer (moving cooler exterior air through warmer interior spaces) would be cost effective.
Your air conditioning system’s cooling tower, chiller, valves, and components need to be checked and properly closed down for winter’s freezing temperatures. Freezestat control and alarms need to be verified, insulation checked, and any necessary antifreeze additives topped up.
It’s a good time to clean the coils and filters. Our technicians can double-check system control programming, confirming your variable temperature settings are appropriate.

Don’t Forget the Boiler and Furnace

Before the demand for hot water spikes with holiday guests, have our team in to check that your hot water tank’s temperature reset schedule is calibrated for anticipated outside air temperatures. Save on your utility bill and maximize the length of your tank’s life.
At the same time, it’s best to have your furnace and boiler verified and primed, so they’ll fire up on the day the cold weather arrives. Now is the time to find any leaks in the system – while we are flushing and cleaning essential boiler and furnace components.

HVAC Repair Starts with Seasonal Check-ups

Before you know it, Summerland’s annual Festival of Lights will signal that winter is here! Now is the time to call the HVAC experts at GPH Mechanical to prepare your summer equipment for hibernation and your winter installation for action.
GPH Mechanical has 24/7 emergency call out service, but thinking ahead saves you from costly problems later. Book your shoulder season check-up today.