We learned a big lesson last summer: air quality is important in our homes and workplaces. Is your business ready to improve air purification? We talked to the local experts at GPH about the importance of workplace air safety improvements.

What Are the Experts Saying?

#1 Air purification is essential for employee and public health. We all share the air. As employers and commercial landlords, air quality now needs to be part of your risk mitigation planning.

#2 Air purification takes planning and investment. Employers need to evaluate, design, and implement best-practices technology.

#3 Air purification is an added-value for employee retention and positive customer perception.

What Are the Staff Benefits to Improved Air Quality?

When a person works in one location, the air conditioner might run all day, every day — but what is the purity of the air being circulated? Has the system been serviced well? Are the ducts clean? Are the filters fresh?
It’s critical to know that the technology used on-site eliminates aerosols and circulates the purest possible air.
Employers can offer air quality as an in-office employment benefit. If you have employees and customers sharing spaces, it’s essential to design excellence and technology into your improved air circulation system.

How Do We Find Out if Our Air is Pure or Not?

Testing is your friend. Arrange for an analysis of your site’s air quality, along with regular testing and implementation of any related HVAC upgrades. Your staff will thank you, you’ll improve employee retention and customer satisfaction, and you’ll rest assured that you have done everything you can to keep those you rely on safe.
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