This summer in Summerland it’s difficult to know whether your air conditioning unit is running at an appropriate frequency. What happens if your unit runs constantly? Should you worry?
Our professional installers at GPH Mechanical hear this question often! Here’s what we think:

When To Be Concerned About Your Air Conditioning

Air conditioning units are built to cycle between running and sitting idle. This allows them to control your home or office at a stable interior temperature. But if your unit is over-cycling or running constantly, you’re racing towards an equipment breakdown.
Air conditioners should not run constantly. In the Okanagan typically they should be less busy during the night. If your unit is running most of the time, it’s important to have an installation check-up and maintenance appointment booked immediately. You need to get a technician to diagnose the specific problem and repair the problem before you run down the unit’s useful life.

Why Does an Air Conditioner Run Too Much?

Here are the common reasons for an air conditioner to overwork:
  • Air flow isn’t moving through (blockage in the system)
  • Coils are damaged or dirty
  • The unit’s refrigerant is leaking
  • You have an older installation that is working too hard for changing conditions
  • Your unit’s too small for the building size it’s cooling
checking air conditioner for installation

Optimize Air Conditioning Run Time

No one wants to spend more on their utility bills than necessary. There are so many great summer Okanagan activities that you could take advantage of with your energy bill savings, after all! If you think your air conditioner needs some attention, or if you want to book a tune-up for your home heating and cooling equipment, reach out to our team in Summerland today.