The temperature’s rising and you need your A/C unit working in top shape. But, like all machinery, A/C units can have a mind of their own. Right when you need them the most! Before you give our office a call, here are a few things you can check!
If your air conditioner is blowing, but not cooling, here are some of the likely causes:
  • Does the display on your thermostat seem okay? Does it use batteries? Are they dead?
  • Is your thermostat set on “cool”? Make sure you’re not set to “heat” when you want cold air!
  • Check your fuse box and look at the A/C breaker. Has it been tripped? You can try resetting a breaker, but if it keeps tripping, you might need to find out why your A/C is overloading your circuit. This is a question for your HVAC technician or an electrician.
  • Does your thermostat have a fuse in the fuse box? Has this been tripped?
  • Is there a transformer? Did it blow out? A weak contact point on your outdoor unit can trigger this.
  • Capacitors inside your outdoor A/C equipment might have worn out and failed.
  • Dirty coils (indoors or outdoors) in your HVAC system might be your problem and should be checked by a licensed technician.
  • Your air filter in your furnace might be dirty. This can get clogged by wildfire smoke and other particles in the air. You can typically replace this yourself by picking up the right size filter at your local hardware store and sliding it into the compartment at the front of your furnace.
  • You might have had ice bbuild-up on your coils over the winter if your A/C unit wasn’t covered up. This is damage that your HVAC company will notice when they come in for a service call.
  • The wiring or the coolant lines in or out of your unit might have been unintentionally damaged.
  • A/C units have a switch for indoor disconnection. A kill switch will be located inside your house but might be hard to identify. It’s possible that, over the winter, someone toggled the switch by accident.
  • Your unit has a second kill switch outside. Check that one too, to make sure it hasn’t been turned off.

Schedule Your Air Conditioning Service

If your A/C is running but not blowing cool air, you’ll save a lot of time and get cooler faster by calling in the experts to diagnose and fix your problem quickly. GPH Mechanical serves the Okanagan with qualified HVAC maintenance specialists on call. Give us a call!