At GPH Mechanical, we’re firm believers that a small investment in regular cleaning and maintenance can prevent larger, and often more expensive, issues from arising down the line. Most importantly, when it’s cold outside, you want your family to stay warm.

Your furnace is an integral part of your home heating system, and neglecting its upkeep can lead to inefficient operation and potential breakdowns. We provide a comprehensive inspection and cleaning service that includes the following:

Checking vents and air intakes: Ensuring these are clear of debris allows for proper airflow and efficient operation.

Blower motor inspection: A well-functioning blower motor is vital to distribute warm air throughout your home.

Inspecting wiring and connections: Identifying and rectifying any loose connections or worn wiring prevents potential fire hazards.

Burner, pilot light, and sensors check: Ensuring these are in good working order helps your furnace to run more efficiently.

Thermostat testing and calibration: This ensures accuracy and optimal heating control.

Lubrication of moving parts: Helps to reduce wear and tear and prolong the lifespan of your furnace.

Air filter checks: A clean air filter means cleaner air and a more efficient furnace.

Safety features check: This ensures that critical safety mechanisms, like the automatic shut-off, are functioning correctly.

Fuel line and pressure checks: Detecting leaks early can prevent dangerous situations and improve performance.


We recommend scheduling an annual furnace maintenance appointment to keep your system running efficiently and nip any potential issues in the bud. Plus, becoming part of our annual maintenance program gives you peace of mind knowing your furnace is in good hands. Ask our technicians about signing up today. Your furnace, and your wallet, will thank you.

GPH Mechanical Ltd. Helping your family stay warm.