One’s HVAC system (furnace, AC, ductwork, heat pumps) are super important in our homes, for our comfort and good health. At GPH Mechanical, we want you to avoid those Do-It-Yourself ideas that we hear about all the time! We call these unconventional HVAC hacks. They might seem tempting to try but could end up causing more harm than good. Let’s delve into a few of them.

Duct Tape Fixes: Not a Permanent Solution

Despite its misleading name, duct tape is not the ideal solution for sealing ductwork. It’s a quick fix, no doubt, but its adhesive fails over time due to the heat and humidity in HVAC systems. You think you have a fix you can rely on? Think again. The end result may be decreased efficiency in how your home gets heated or cooled, and even potentially cause damage.
While duct tape might seem like a convenient solution, relying on it to fix a leak in your ductwork might take you down the path to potential problems.

DIY Air Conditioner Refills: Risky and Ineffective

When an air conditioning system starts underperforming, some might be tempted to refill the refrigerant themselves. However, this DIY approach is risky and ineffective. Room not staying cool? There could be a number of reasons. Do you know how to measure what is a low refrigerant level or to determine if there might be a leak in your system? Our trained technicians can quickly diagnose a problem and get you back to cool comfort. Simply refilling the unit also won’t solve an underlying problem and you may see that low refrigerant level arising again. A spring furnace checkout will identify any issues before the hot weather comes, so give us a call to set up your appointment!
setting up your DIY HVAC

Homemade Air Filters: A Shortcut to Lower Efficiency

Creating homemade air filters for your furnace might seem like a budget-friendly hack, but the costs of decreased efficiency and potential damage to your HVAC system far outweigh any initial savings. Improvised filters often fail to filter out pollutants effectively and could even restrict airflow, leading to strain and potential damage to your HVAC system.
To ensure your HVAC system operates at peak efficiency and maintains healthy indoor air quality, it’s essential to use manufacturer-recommended filters and replace them regularly.

Trust the Experts: Avoid DIY Disasters

It’s best to leave HVAC maintenance and repairs to licensed, experienced professionals. DIY hacks might seem appealing in the short run, but they can lead to decreased efficiency, damage, and even safety risks. Contacting GPH Mechanical for regular service can help identify issues before something breaks too! And save you money in the long run! We’ll keep your HVAC system running smoothly and safely.
Looking to avoid potential DIY disasters? Reach out to our GPH Mechanical office in Summerland, BC. With our professional expertise and commitment to quality service, we’ll ensure your HVAC system functions efficiently and lasts longer. Contact us today to schedule a service appointment!