As you walk by an Okanagan shopping centre, corporate office, or educational institution, a rooftop heating and cooling system (RTU) is likely responsible for the cozy ambiance within. Rooftop HVACs deliver energy-efficient temperature regulation for all sizes of buildings. Let’s explore the significance of RTUs in our Okanagan Valley HVAC landscape.

What are Rooftop Units (RTUs)?

RTUs are large air handlers designed to condition and circulate air as part of HVAC systems. As the name suggests, they are typically installed on rooftops but can also be placed on the ground if required. An RTU contains all the components needed to provide conditioned air, including the cooling coil, compressor, fans, heating section, and filter racks.

Why Choose RTUs?

Space Saving: With urban spaces getting increasingly congested, using rooftop space for HVAC equipment is a smart way to save ground space. This placement also keeps these large units away from public view, ensuring a more aesthetically pleasing environment at the ground level.

inside of a building showing the hvac on roof

Ease of Maintenance: Centralizing the major components in one place across a rooftop simplifies HVAC maintenance and servicing. Technicians can locate potential issues faster and address them without the need to access multiple areas of a building. Typically power supplies are close by too.

Integrated Controls: Many more advanced RTUs come with integrated control systems, enabling building managers to monitor and adjust the settings remotely. These controls can sync with other building management systems, such as water or gas supplies, offering a convenient approach to establishing climate control.

Cooling Down: The Final Take

For many of our GPH Mechanical business and institutional customers – who are always looking for efficient and scalable HVAC solutions – rooftop units present a compelling option. The benefits of space-saving and centralized control make RTUs a preferred choice for modern buildings.
However, like all HVAC systems, an RTU’s performance and longevity heavily rely on regular maintenance and servicing. Ensuring your RTU is installed correctly and remains in peak condition is paramount – call the team at GPH Mechanical to guarantee your system’s optimal performance. We are your trusted Okanagan HVAC installation and servicing company. Reach out to us today and give your RTU the expert care it deserves!