Sheet metal fabrication is an important part of plumbing and heating installations, but these services are also called upon by companies building specialized equipment, or outdoor structures, and more. Sheet metal fabrication is a complex process and done by the skilled professionals at GPH Mechanical.

The various metals that are used in the process of sheet metal fabrication might be:

Steel – Works well for many purposes and is well-known for its strength and durability.

Aluminium (Aluminum) – A lightweight metal, aluminum can often be as strong as steel. What makes it unique is its suitability for lower temperatures and thus is often used in the Okanagan for refrigeration and buildings.

Magnesium – This is a metal with low density. Magnesium is suited where stiffness is a top priority.

Brass – A corrosion-resistant and lightweight metal, brass is ideal for fittings and components.

Copper – A go-to for multiple applications and uses, copper is ductile, malleable, corrosion-resistant and conducts electricity well. It can also add beauty to any object.

Steps for Sheet Metal Fabrication

Custom ductwork is often needed for new home or industrial building construction. Ducts need to be shaped to fit and this can be done quickly offsite at GPH Mechanical’s premises, saving you time and money.

Whether it’s for ductwork, or another specific project our team will conduct a:

  • Design Evaluation: Our staff will measure and prepare an estimate
  • Design Drawing: These shop drawings are made and sent for approval. Once approved, a production schedule is established to meet the customer’s deadlines
  • Production: This will include forming, cutting, welding, fitting and finishing
  • Quality control: This final step is an inspection of the final product to ensure it meets the design and reliability requirements and industry code standards

Tools Used In Sheet Metal Fabrication

One such tool that has garnered popularity in sheet metal fabrication is the Computer Numerically Controlled machine. It is a computing machine that is programmed to perform specific tasks and attain precise specifications for manufacturing products. It relies on CAD files, which are loaded into the computer and direct the turning, welding and bending of metal.

At GPH Mechanical we also utilize cutting tools such as band, mitre, and chop saws, and cutting torches. Forming processes make use of rolling machines and oxy-acetylene torches. Finally, joining processes may require rivet guns.

Established over ten years in Okanagan, G.P.H Mechanical Ltd has a first-class sheet metal shop in Summerland. Not only can we do our fabrications for ductwork, but we also welcome your requests. There is nothing we can’t make for you!