Ever wonder why homes are built with air vents in the floor or walls? These are the ideal way to move fresh warm or cool air throughout a house or business. And whether you are building a new house or protecting an older home, air vents keep the humidity down.
Other Benefits
  • Air Vents protect against mold and mildew
In both summer and winter, cool damp conditions in any basement may encourage the growth of mold or mildew. This is not ideal for your family or pets. Air vents encourage good circulation in areas where bacteria might grow, pulling in fresh air from the outside and moving air throughout your home. Of course, if you do see mildew or mold on a basement wall it is essential to ask the pros at GPH Mechanical to review your entire HVAC system and make recommendations.
  • Air vents reduce excess water vapor and moisture
Vents are one of the more effective ways to reduce excess water vapor in your home. Air vents work to push out any moisture-filled, stale air and replace it with fresher, drier air. Your HVAC system filters the air before it gets circulated. Air vents are crucial for maintaining the quality of air within the home.

We’re HVAC Designers

Whether you are building a home or renovating, if you have questions about ventilation give the team at GPH Mechanical a call. We will review your needs and provide you with a free quote for an energy-efficient home with excellent air circulation. Call us today!