The world is shifting towards home living environments that can be supported more sustainably. For decades we’ve seen those yellow stickers on new appliances that remind us about reducing our energy consumption. At GPH Mechanical we welcome many reliable options for renewable energy-based HVAC systems that are coming online.
This blog post will discuss incorporating renewable energy into residential and commercial HVAC systems for more sustainable and efficient heating, ventilating, and air conditioning solutions.

1. Solar-Power

With almost 2000 hours of annual sunshine, the Okanagan is the perfect place to incorporate solar power. It’s a viable technology with a proven track record and solar panels are getting more efficient year over year. Each system is designed with enough solar panels installed on the ground or roof to generate enough power to meet all your electricity needs and may even complement an existing HVAC system. Harnessing solar power conserves the grid’s overall utility capacity, reduces your electricity bills, and reduces carbon emissions from oil or gas burned in your home.


2. Hybrid Systems

Hybrid systems combine traditional HVAC grid-tied furnaces and ACs with products that run on more renewable energy sources, like electricity. Think about heat pumps or solar panels taking some of your electrical load. Investing in a hybrid system works really well for our Okanagan climate. You can spread the purchases over various renewable technologies (like electric, solar and wind). Hybrid systems provide flexible energy alternatives for places with a lot of sunlight, wind power, or locations where electric power may not always be reliable. They can be very cost-effective. And because they don’t rely on a single power source, they are reliable.

3. Wind Energy

Wind energy is another source of renewable energy. Wind turbines can generate enough energy to power HVAC systems, significantly reducing energy costs. Due to the size of wind turbines, these installations, or ‘wind farms’ are most often used in commercial applications.

Smaller setups, such as on agricultural land, can complement a residential hybrid solution. Wind power can be incorporated into a hybrid system to augment either solar or grid-powered systems. Across the Okanagan ALR, wind power as an energy source for homes has become a good alternative.

Everybody wins!

The need for living sustainably is becoming increasingly important in every aspect of our daily lives, including HVAC installation. Embracing renewable energy in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning benefits the environment and helps the HVAC industry move towards a sustainable future while reducing our collective carbon footprint.
With energy prices on the rise, making the switch to renewable energy sources can be an economical solution in addition to being environmentally friendly.
Please feel free to reach out to the team at GPH today to learn more.